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Activate Office 365 apps on Windows

After Completing the Installation you must activate office 365 using your Microsoft account to activate Office 365 apps on your new computer by using their Microsoft account associated with the service and subscription for the Office App Activation use the steps mentioned below:

  • Click the start logo on your windows computer screen & in The Search Box Type “Word”.
  • “Click the Word” and wait for the “Word” app to open.
  • You will see your Office is Not Activated or Activation Required to use the App.
  • Close that pop-up and from the left side of the “Word” app select Account.
  • Then, Click on Activate Office.
  • Use your Microsoft Account for the activation as the Microsoft 365 Product key will be linked to your account.
  • After, Activation Click on Office Update then waits for the updates to be applied.

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